900D Marketing Strategy to Find Your Ideal Clients

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Sales and Digital Marketing Strategy, Plan and Checklist

This Digital Marketing training course merges into sales and rapport building  to give you strategies that maximise your return from paid advertising and lead generation alternatives. Topics include:

  • Identify your ideal client
  • What to put in your online ads
  • How to respond to enquiries
  • How to maintain contact and build rapport
  • Techniques to encourage prospects to buy
  • How to build a referral network
  • Understanding the marketing loop
  • Feedback and iterations to improve conversion rates


Identifying your ideal client

Qualifying your prospect to ensure they are the right fit for your services is one of the most important stages in the sales and marketing pipeline (or funnel). It serve as an opportunity to build rapport and find out where they are in their decision making process. Defining your ideal client improves your own digital marketing and this course includes a case study to demonstrate exactly how to do that.

Designing Compelling Ads

There are many aspects to creating an ad or artwork for a promotion that will convey what you offer AND get noticed by your Ideal Client Prospects. In this section of the Digital Marketing Course you’ll learn how to design smart ads using your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and a headline and keywords that attract attention. Combined with Special Offers, trust building tools, compelling images and effective Call-to-actions you’ll have a toolkit that will help you launch a campaign (based on your marketing plan) to attract ideal clients and encourage them to make contact with you.

Understanding the Value of Directories and Marketplaces

Organisations like Bark and Airtasker are just two of the dozens of marketplaces that help connect buyers with sellers. Learn how they work, why they work and how they can play a part in your overall marketing strategy. These marketplaces are not tools that are designed to help you build your brand but they are very popular with some buyers and they are a tool to help you achieve your goals.

Qualifying Prospects and Responding to Lead Enquiries

Many businesses spend a lot of money in advertising but then waste that money by not knowing how to communicate effectively with the leads that come in. Sometimes it because the staff at the business don’t know what to say or what to ask. You’ll learn how to qualify prospects to identify ideal clients while also building your brand and reputation by guiding “non-ideal” prospects in the right direction. When you spend time and money focused on designing advertising campaigns that aim to increase your own income it can be hard to realise that you’re in business to help your clients with their problems and issues. In this course you’ll learn how to use conversation techniques that build your own profile even if you come across prospects who are not ideal or not ready just now. This course is an introduction to the concept of a sales pipeline that can ensure constant future income from word of mouth referral rather than paid advertising.

Follow Up Strategies

Many bookkeepers and other small business owners feel that following up is a pushy sales technique and this thinking prevents them from getting easy clients. Most people live busy lives and genuine prospects really appreciate someone who follows up with them regarding an enquiry. Learn some strategies that enable you to followup in a way that is also helpful and considerate of your prospects goals. Learn techniques to encourage prospects to give you permission to contact then again in the future.

Stages in the Sales Pipeline

Account managers and commercial managers in large organisations understand the stages in the sales pipeline because they usually sell bigger solutions that involve many stakeholders and decision makers. Even though the sales process is much shorter and involves less people for small business it is still important to understand that the stages in the selling process. These stages are a natural process of selection that most people go through when identifying potential suppliers and filtering them to come up with the most ideal for what they want. You’ll learn how to apply these principles to help you convert more prospects into customers and maintain a pipeline of future customers.

The Marketing Feedback Loop

Most small business owners consider digital marketing to be a lead, prospect and customer generation system – a way to get exposure and get clients. When you understand the value of marketing to help you improve your products and services you’ll get a lot more value from every contact you have with prospects. Learn how to use the marketing loop to help you improve your digital marketing campaigns in the future. You’ll discover how succesful businesses use prospect feedback to tweak their marketing message, improve their product and service packages and improve their conversion rates.

Find out Why Prospects Don’t Use Your Services

In this section of the course you’ll understsand how to engage with prospects to find out why they decided NOT to use your services. This helps you improve your own digital marketing but also cleans your sales pipeline so you only remain in contact with prospects who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer or say.

Get Leads from Prospects and Referrers

Learn techniques that help build rapport and build your brand even if prospects decide not to use your services. This subject will teach you how to build a referral network that will make you stand out in your industry and get leads from prospects if you can’t help them right now.

Online Customer Service Introduction

With so much trade going online this introduction to online customer service tools and techniques will give you an insight into how much more your organisation can do to get more value from your website.

Internships, Work Experience and Earnings Guarantees

This subject is aimed at students who are starting a new business from scratch or changing careers and need experience to improve their confidence. Learn ways you can get the exposure and experience you need to make inroads into a new business or industry. These tools are easier to use than you think and will show you how flexible it can be to own your own business or work as a contractor.

Marketing Plan Checklist

This course includes a marketing plan checklist that will help you compile all the important information in a couple of pages. You can use this checklist and marketing plan to define campaigns that you can measure for effectiveness and tweak in the future if you need to. The digital marketing plan and checklist will give you clarity about what you can do right now and what you want to do in the future.