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Getting a website for your business and getting all of your information online sounds like a daunting project, even for some tech savvy people. Our Digital Marketing Courses are designed to give you the information you need in the order that you need it so you can start simple and end with a powerful, Dynamic Website.


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WordPress is FREE, but sometimes you’ll prefer to pay

A Dynamic Website can be created easily using standard “free” templates, just like the one we use at this website using WordPress.

WordPress is a free program called a Content Management System (CMS) used by millions of websites around the world which sits on a computer server which you normally pay for (just like renting space).

Although you’ll see the word free bandied about there are some services which you’ll WANT to pay for to get the support you need but luckily most of the online services you use don’t cost a lot of money or have a free version while you’re not using it much initially.

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The Minimum Viable Website

Once you have your WordPress website you can easily insert your business logo and contact details and some basic web pages with details about the services you offer. We call this a Minimal Viable Website as it’s better to have something up and running for a low cost than to put it off until you have something perfect.

There’s no such thing as a perfect website because it is a marketing tool and you may not discover what perfect is until you have it live for a while and measure your website visitor analytics. Another way to test how good your website is is to use it to explain your services to potential clients – that’s usually the time you realise what you’d like to see on the site, sometimes your website changes will be the result of feedback from customers. Learn more..

Create a Good Call-to-Action

You can have all your details on your website but find that no one calls you and if that happens it just means you need to design a better Call-To-Action (CTA).

Some digital marketing experts call this an “offer” but it could be as simple as a form that enables customers to book an appointment, schedule a free measure and quote or get a sample of your work.

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Collecting Email Addresses and Sending Broadcast Messages

One of the best ways to collect email addresses is using an email broadcast system like MailChimp. MailChimp is a market leader but there are dozens of other alternatives and they all offer initial free trials and low cost plans.

Email Broadcast systems enable you to capture email addresses and build a database but more importantly they enable you to send information to customers automatically after they subscribe. They also enable you to send messages to them at anytime until they opt-out (Unsubscribe) and measure how effective your email marketing messages are.

If you decide that you want to publish a regular blog (the modern term for a newsletter) you can enable your customers and website visitors to subscribe to it so they receive a message in their email every time you publish a new blog.

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Website Traffic Analytics

You may not realise it but your website captures an amazing amount of information about the people who visit your website. Not much of it is personal information but you can discover which pages are the most popular, how long people stay at your website and which areas they come from.

When you understand more about “who” is coming to your website and what they find most valuable you’ll be in the best position to create better messages to those people to help them use your services.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO for FREE website traffic)

Your website will contain words which describe the services your customers are looking for but you’ll find that it can be optimised to produce a better result.

Most business owners and manages don’t think that much about the words that customers use to find them and that is one of the biggest reasons to get a website up and then measure your website traffic and most people use Google Analytics for that. When you understand better what customers are looking for you can modify your website pages to help give them the answers they’re looking for or write blogs which answers specific questions.

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Content Marketing & Business Blogs

Content Marketing is the professional term for people who write the words on  a webpage or blog. It also describes the creating of videos and audio files or anything that is actually used as content on your website.

Business Blogging is important because it allows you to use as many possible search terms (keywords) at your website for people who search for and use your services. You can write about the most commonly asked questions and if you do a good job your blog posts will appear for free in Google’s Organic Search results.

Blogging also shows potential customers that there is something going on at your business – that you are keeping things up-to-date. These blog posts can also automatically be “syndicated” into your social media profiles for people who follow or connect with you and also be sent to subscribers of your blog.

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Manage your Website Designers

Our own businesses utilises a team of 5 people to create the strategy, create the content, implement the content into the website and edit it and optimise it and then publish it and you can set up your website to give different people different permissions.

The administration area of your WordPress website can also be used to install hundreds of different plugins (or software programs) that can do anything from collect emails for your email broadcast list to help you create a shopping cart that customers can use to buy your products.

If you really want to get technical you can then delve into the administration area of your website hosting to create new email addresses for employees in your business or even set your business domain name up with Google G Suite so you can use a professional version of Gmail for your staff (it’s a low cost alternative to Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Small Business Server)

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Paying Money for Advertising to Attract Customers

Sometimes the best way to get people to your site quickly is to pay for ads which bring visitors to your website and the most common way is with Google Ads.

Most Digital Marketing Ads are based on a pay per click or pay per 1000 impressions basis and you’ll need to bid against your competitors if you want to appear at the top of the search results. You don’t just bid for placement but for the exact keywords you think your customers use to find you so it’s important to go through that learning process (mentioned earlier).

Google Ads is the market leader because everyone uses the Google Search Engine where these ads appear but Google also provide a host of other services which can be used to perform digital marketing for your business, including Google Local Business, Google Maps, FeedBurner and G Suite.

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Social Media & Your Community

What most marketers love about Facebook and other social media is that you can “target” specific demographics like mums with kids, seniors, teenagers living in Geelong or any other suburb.

You can even use the Facebook Pixel to retarget people on Facebook who have visited pages on your website but you need to understand the main reason people use social media so much to be truly effective. Social Media marketing is about connecting and communicating with your community (often referred to as your crowd or tribe).

The ideal place for Social Media marketing is once you’ve completed all the previous steps and have all of your content in place so you can refer back to it if you need to.

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LinkedIn and Twitter

LinkedIn is owned by Microsoft and is the global business networking social media website where members make intelligent and thought provoking announcements and share their opinions. It is a network designed to help you raise your own professional profile as well as get a close connection with potential customers.

Twitter is like an SMS broadcast which goes out to all follows and has become very popular as a news source.

Publishing, Posting or Commenting on these platforms keeps you front of mind as well as provide you with a place to syndicate your other content like blog posts.

Many people now use the LinkedIn platform to get discovered for their skills and as a new form of digital resume, highlighting what you’re great at, sharing recommendations and testimonials from real people and enabling a person connection which shares your contact details.

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