Google Ads Course

Google Ads, previously called Google Adwords is the gold standard keyword advertising tool designed to help customers find you based on selected search keywords and phrases.

Google Ads works on an auction basis where businesses bid for the top or preferred position for selected keywords and phrases and in preferred locations. Most of these ads are charged at a “Cost per Click” or Price Per Click and businesses get to choose their daily ad budget.

Apart from SEO Training which aims at helping your optimise your website for free search based traffic Google ads forms part of what is commonly know as SEM or Search Engine Marketing and it’s a way to MASSIVELY increase traffic to your website.

It is best to have a solid website and Call-to-Action before spending money on Google Adwords, but this isn’t often the case so companies spend MUCH more than they need to. Google penalises ads with bad landing pages that are not relevant and your Google Ads can cost you thousands of dollars per month more than they should.

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Showing all 5 results