Advanced WordPress training course and themes like Divi and Elementor

WordPress Advanced Training Course 904 – Administration, Users, Design and Backup

WordPress Advanced Training Course 904

User Permissions, Theme Designs, Plugins and Backup

Many of the skills taught in the advanced course will be performed by external contractors unless you’re very tech savvy and want to give it a go. Even if you don’t perform these tasks you’ll understand how they work and can use this knowledge to ensure that your web development team are giving you the right information and advice.


Administration Privileges and Settings (2)


WordPress advanced training course Plugin-administrationWith Administrator privileges you are now able to affect global aspects of your websites appearance. You can also arrange the website layout and user access permission. The image above shows the installed WordPress Plugins and you can see one allows your website to be re-sized automatically if the person viewing your website is using an iPhone or iPad.

  • Understanding Administrator privileges
  • General Settings including Page titles
  • Writing and Reading Settings – including Home page formatting
  • Writing and Reading Settings – Setting Home and Blog Pages
  • Reading Settings – Number of Posts and RSS Feed intro
  • Permalinks, page names and Search Engine Optimisation
  • Managing Users, modifying roles and creating new users
  • Deleting Users and allocating links and posts
  • Introduction to Plugins – download WPtouch for iPads and iPhones
  • Working with Premium Plugins like GravityForms


WordPress Themes and Design Options (3)

Advanced WordPress training course and themes like Divi and ElementorThere are potentially hundreds of thousands of themes available for Websites driven by WordPress. Some are free and others cost money, but either way you look at them, they enable you to have a professional website for one tenth of what you would pay to have someone design one from scratch! This image shows some of the Premium WordPress themes that are available for under $50.

Background colours, and header images are just the beginning. Learn to install free and premium themes and then customise them using widgets, plugins, custom menus and RSS newsfeeds

  • WordPress Design – Changing the layout completely with different Themes
  • WordPress Design – Finding the best theme and downloading it
  • WordPress Design – Installing and activating a theme
  • WordPress Design – Theme appearance options are specific to the theme
  • WordPress Design – Background and Header appearance for default WordPress theme
  • WordPress Design – Uploading your own background image
  • WordPress Design – Working with widgets and the sidebar
  • WordPress Design – Widgets in more detail – tag cloud, text, meta
  • WordPress Design – Create alternate menus and apply them to your theme
  • WordPress Design – Customising menus with external links and categories
  • WordPress Design – Advanced Theme Appearance Options
  • WordPress Design – Different Widgets for different Themes
  • WordPress Design – Widgets and RSS newsfeeds


Website Hosting Control Panel – email (4)

Your website hosting control panel provides you with stats about your website usage, but most importantly your email and other applications. Learn how to manage your email accounts and email access.

  • Website Hosting – Control Panel Resource
  • Website Hosting – Create an Email Account Resource
  • Website Hosting – Setting up the Email Account on your computer Resource
  • Website Hosting – Using your email address with webmail Resource
  • Website Hosting – Email Catch-all, Forwarder and AutoResponders Resource
  • Website Hosting – Website Statistics and logs Resource

File Management and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) (6)

WordPress Advanced training Course FTP and website hosting trainingAs complicated as it may sound, FTP is really just another way to see the files on your website server (remote site) and transfer files between your local site (your PC) and your website. This section of videos takes you through some fundamentals of Windows based file management and USB drives and onto more advanced file management by logging onto our website and transferring files to it using a freely downloadable FTP application.
  • Internet Beginners – Download and install Google chrome browser
  • Internet Beginners – Download and install FileZilla FTP software
  • Windows File Management, C drive and USB drives
  • Windows File Management, C drive and USB drives – viewing image files part 1
  • Windows File Management, C drive and USB drives – viewing image files part 2
  • Windows File Management, C drive and USB drives – selecting & moving files
  • Windows File Management and FileZilla – remote and local sites
  • Themes and FTP – Finding and downloading WordPress premium themes – SimplePress
  • Themes and FTP – Installing a Theme from Elegant Themes using WordPress
  • Themes and FTP – Using FTP to move files to a website hosting account and install a theme

Backing up your WordPress website (8)

Backups are a type of insurance that you won’t have to spend time and money to fix a problem if you webserver crashes or you lose any information in your website. It’s important to backup your website when performing tasks like upgrading the version of WordPress you are using or to be able to use certain plugins and themes.
  • WordPress Backup and Upgrade – Upgrading your WordPress to the latest version
  • WordPress Backup and Upgrade – Backing up your WordPress Data


Features of Premium Themes (9)

Theme Clubs like Elegant Themes create premium WordPress themes that you can then customise for your own business website. The greatest benefit of working with an organisation like Elegant Themes is their level of support. It is important to realise that the WordPress system goes through constant improvement and as new features are added themes need to be updated. Support provides you with information and assistance when you are trying to implement your theme and its features on your website.
  • Getting Google Analytics code into your WordPress site
  • Modifying the Navigation menu in Simple Press and other Elegant themes using the epanel
  • Inserting Logo and Favicon at your WordPress site
  • Activating the Featured Post feature
  • Home Page Features for Premium Themes

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