WordPress Beginners Training Course – Blogs & Social Media

WordPress Social Media Marketing Training Course 902 – Social Media & Syndication

WordPress Blogs, Posts and RSS Feeds (5)

Feedburner-email-marketing-training course-for blogs subscribers using WordPress Beginners Training CourseSyndication gives you the power to be many places at once. When you write a blog that article can be made to appear in your readers inbox, on other websites and of course at your blog. Google have a range of tools to help you gain exposure on the world wide web and one of these tools is called Feedburner. This tool will enable you to have your own email list subscribers attached to your blog.

Neerav Bhatt was one of Australia’s top bloggers back in 2009 and he and other top bloggers like Karen Cheng use a simple website with Google Feedburner to deliver their news to anyone who wants to read it. This course will show you how to have your own newsletter using your WordPress Blog and FeedBurner.

  • Signup to Google Feedburner
  • Adding your blog to your Google Feedburner
  • Integrating Google Feedburner & WordPress (subscription form)


Social Media, Commenting and Engagement (10)

  • EzyLearn-Social-Media-Digital-Marketing-Training-Course-logo-image-onlySocial Media – Handling website comments and comment spam
  • How Social Media relates to your website
  • Showing Social Media Feeds on your site
  • Enabling website visitors to like, follow and share your information
  • Explore JetPack from Automattic 
  • Using Related Articles to keep visitors at your website
  • Connecting with Linkedin
  • Micro Blogs and Twitter
  • Getting your Blogs, Linkedin Comments and more to Twitter
  • Understanding #, @, messaging and moments in Twitter
  • Why connecting and conversing is good for business