902 Digital Marketing Training Course using WordPress for Blogs, Syndicating and Social Media

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Once you have a website with the minimal information you can start to build on it each week or each month, depending on your budget, size of business and staff resources.

Business Blogging, or what was called News Articles in years gone by, enables you to create articles about the different scenarios you come across in your business. These blogs might seem mundane and obvious to you but people who are looking for someone like you could be very interested to learn more about your business, where you operate and the type of work you do.

In this course we explore the following concepts:

  • Blog and Email Subscription lists
  • How blogs can be optimised for Search Engines (SEO)
  • Embedding forms and videos into your website pages
  • Introduction to Call-to-Actions
  • How to get blog content for your website
  • How successful businesses use CTA’s to capture email addresses
  • Understanding the role of social media in the buyers journey
  • Why Video is important
  • Video statistics, drop off rates
  • Permission marketing
  • Email broadcast software
  • Anti-SPAM & Privacy obligations
  • Introduction to Analytics




Digital Marketing using WordPress, Social Media Marketing & Syndication

WordPress Blogs, Posts and RSS Feeds

Writing a business Blog is the best way to fill your website with relevant content that will attract free organic search traffic from the main search engines and just by itself is worth doing. When you combine your business blog with a subscription widget you can capture the email addresses of your clients and potential clients and make sure that they receive your information regularly – this brings extra visitors to your website.


Syndication is the fancy word for Digital Marketing distribution

Syndication gives you the power to be many places at once. When you write a blog that article can be made to appear in your readers inbox, on other websites and of course at your blog. Google have a range of tools to help you gain exposure on the world wide web and one of these tools is called Feedburner. This tool will enable you to have your own email list subscribers attached to your blog.

Feedburner email broadcast marketing course - anti spam compliantNeerav Bhatt was one of Australia’s top bloggers back in 2009 and he and other top bloggers like Karen Cheng use a simple website with Google Feedburner to deliver their news to anyone who wants to read it. This course will show you how to have your own newsletter using your WordPress Blog and FeedBurner.

  • Signup to Google Feedburner
  • Adding your blog to your Google Feedburner
  • Integrating Google Feedburner & WordPress (subscription form)
  • MailChimp Email Marketing Training CoursesUnderstand the different email marketing software brands
  • Get more traffic from AutoResponders Intro
  • MailChimp, Aweber, GetResponse and more..
  • Elements of a Blog Page & how to optimise them
  • Examples of how blogs help you discover popular services
  • Video, Text, Infographics and more
  • Understanding Call-To-Action concepts
  • Introduction to Analytics


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