903 Digital Marketing Training Course – Promotion & Google Ads, Lead Capture & Analytics Training Course


Landing Pages and Call-to-Actions

Google-Analytics-for-digital-and-social-media-marketing-training-course-logoLearn about how to construct landing pages that are relevant and interesting so that Google shows it in the organic search results. Combine them (yes you can have more than just one) with an effective call-to-action and you’ll begin to get some value and a “return on investment” from your website.

You’ll explore key factors and you’ll see real world examples of the different call-to-action used in varying industries. Here are some of the topics covered in this section:

  • Discovering things you can give away, loan, lend sample for free
  • Common Calls to action including:
    • Free appraisals & Suburb Price performance reports (used by Real estate agents)
    • Free measure and quote
    • Onsite demonstration
    • Free samples and trials
    • Initial consultations
    • Feature comparison reports
    • Competitions, tests, puzzles and more
  • Using the right words and website placement to ensure success
  • Discover relevant keywords, key phrases and popular landing pages
  • Create ads and set ad budgets to increase website traffic
  • The traffic analytics that go into measuring your ROI
  • Conversion Rates and how they can help you become MUCH more successful
  • Email broadcast systems
  • Email broadcast to prospects and clients
  • Measure website and email broadcast stats


Landing Pages

A landing page should be dedicated to one specific topic or product. In a shopping cart site of a business which sells products, each product page is a landing page. For serviced based businesses they could have a landing page for each service they offer. It’s important to created dedicated landing pages to get discovered by search engines but it’s also important because you can find out:

  • Which products/services are the most popular
  • What your customers are searching for the most
  • What you can give away for a low cost to get more customers
  • Check out these landing pages:


Call to Action & Lead Capture

It’s important to understand that only about 3% of your website visitors need your service or are prepared to buy right now. When you understand this you’ll also realise the importance of Call-to-Action and Lead Capture as a way of continuing to “ping” potential customers and the value of Social Media to show them that your business is active.

Here are some samples of Calls-To-Action:

  • Free Samples
  • Education or information guides
  • White papers
  • Access to more detailed information
  • Check out some of the offers and Call-to-Actions

Website Statistics and Google Analytics

Statistics are one of the most important aspects of your website. It reveals how successful or not your website is and shows where people are coming from, which pages they are reading and what keywords they are using to find you.

Website statistics give you the information you need to finely tune your website marketing to make it more and more relevant to your potential customers.


Using Google Ads to Massively increase website traffic

Once you’ve got a bit of a system with your website and you understand what your potential customers are looking for you can increase your traffic massively to scale your business up quickly.

In this situation you can spend literally thousands of dollars a day so understanding the ideal cost per click, value per lead and conversion to a sale is very important.

This education guide goes through setting up a Google Ad Campaign using Google Ad Express.


Send Email Broadcast Messages

Even if someone doesn’t buy from you straight away it’s valuable to have their contact details and their permission to send them messages because every time you send a message to your list you can include links back to your website and massively increase your website traffic.

Better still you can test to see how popular a new product or service is by directing readers to those specific landing pages.


Email Broadcast Statistics & Analytics

Email broadcast systems like MailChimp, Aweber, Campaign Monitor and the rest enable you to send email broadcast messages to your prospects and clients. You can keep multiple lists or segment your lists so you can send only relevant messages to selected recipients.

When you do send a broadcast the statistics available are amazing, including where the recipient is and when they read the message, along with which links they client and how many times they opened your email.